About Alternate Solutions Health Network

Alternate Solutions Health Network (ASHN) cares for patients in their homes. Today we care for patients who need skilled home care and hospice services. We are also expanding into value-based care models and adding new services to match.

Our strategy

You won’t find our brand in many places because we partner with health systems, jointly running home health and hospice agencies that use their brand. This is part of our strategy. By being part of the health system team, we can ensure each patient has a well-coordinated care plan that remains consistent whether the patient is seeing their primary care physician, receiving treatment in a hospital, or under our care in the home.

We care for the patients of more than 90 hospitals across 5 states. That does not make us the largest home health or hospice provider. But we are the only one fully dedicated to health system partnerships. That gives us a unique position because our patients are more complex, our clinical collaboration more intense, our quality expectations much higher, and our ability to make a difference in patients’ lives much greater.

The ability to make an impact is why 2,200 compassionate and highly skilled clinicians and support staff choose to work with us. We expect our clinicians to operate at the top of their license because our patients’ recovery depends on it. Our team members use their skills and talents in a way that is not found other places. And because of that they choose to be part of the ASHN family.

Founded in 1999 by Tessie and David, we remain committed to the mission they established: To Inspire Hope and Improve the Quality of Life for those Patients Entrusted to Our Care.

Our focus on patient care

ASHN is defined by our focus on excellent patient care. There are five things we do to ensure each patient receives world-class care.

Invest in culture

Our nationally recognized culture is based on investing in our team and supporting them with the tools and processes that allow each person to succeed in their role.

Follow an integrated care model

We help patients manage complex, chronic conditions and short-term issues. We start when a patient is admitted to the hospital and our team stays with that patient through recovery and beyond.

Use a performance driven, balanced approach

We expect best-in-class skill from our teammates and use a balanced scorecard approach to ensure success in care quality, compliance, growth, and financial stewardship.

Innovate our care models to improve population health

Our roots are in traditional fee for service home health and hospice. And our future is managing a population to ensure each person receives the care they need.

Support clinicians with a world-class technical infrastructure

We want clinicians to spend time with patients, not filling out insurance paperwork. To achieve this we invest in the best technology to automate mundane tasks, and provide support resources where automation is not possible.

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