We care for our patients like family

Our skilled clinicians give our patients the greatest gift – the ability to spend enhanced quality time with their loved ones in their preferred environment.

Who we are

The Christ Hospital Home Health Care is a partner with Alternate Solutions Health Network.

Post-acute care is at the center of improving health outcomes. We care for patients where they spend the majority of their time – in their homes. This privileged position allows us to see things that are invisible to a patient’s primary care or hospital physician, and to deliver the best possible care tailored to each patient’s setting.

As the healthcare industry continues to evolve away from hospital-centric care, our work, caring for patients in their homes becomes more important than ever. Our success helping patients recover comes from engaging with them. We start at the facility bedside and coordinate each patient’s transition back to their home, ensuring a smooth transition and that their care plan is right for them.

We support complex, high-acuity, medically-at-risk aging patients. This is the most challenging group of individuals to serve, and we find it the most rewarding.

And we do this all in partnership with health systems. Together we create a seamless care environment that enables patients to receive excellent care in the setting that best meets their needs.

What we do

On the surface we deliver skilled home health services to patients in their homes or preferred environment. We hire and train clinicians. We bill insurance. But what we do is so much more.

We provide hope

Each month hundreds of patients send us feedback. And rarely do those words of thanks talk about the clinician’s technical skill. Our patients thank us for believing in them, giving them hope, and helping them achieve their dreams.

We hear things like:

  • “I thought I would never walk again, and your team got me through it. Today I walked my grandson down the sidewalk.”

  • “She believed in me and that made all the difference.”

  • “Each time he came it was a great comfort.”

Patient Centered Care

What we provide to all patients:

  • Case management approach for each patient, utilizing collaborative interdisciplinary teams, and  care coordination follow-up.
  • Clinical / diagnostic initial and ongoing assessments including physiological, psychosocial, behavioral, functional & environmental.
  • World class clinical practices to maintain a holistic, patient-centered, disease-specific approach to care planning and management.

That is what we do through a broad range of clinical skills:

Skilled Nursing

We help patients manage medications, heal complex wounds, and receive infusion therapies among other things. Some of our hospital partners have special programs like caring for outpatient joint replacement patients or helping someone recover after receiving an LVAD. In each case our training team ensures the nurses have world-class skills.

  • Comprehensive observation and assessment of condition
  • Medication management and reconciliation
  • Disease management with patient focused education
  • Dedicated wound care program
  • Infusion therapy and nutritional support administration

Physical Therapy

Being in the hospital can take a toll physically, and many of our patients need help getting back on their feet when they get home. Our physical therapy team is there to help with exercise programs, transfer training, education, and home safety evaluations. Our physical therapy team is also deeply involved in hospital-specific programs like outpatient joint replacement surgery

  • Exercise programs
  • Walking and transfer training
  • Postoperative safety and education
  • Wellness education
  • Stroke-recovery care
  • Joint replacement care
  • Stay Active Stay Home (SASH) program

Occupational Therapy

Sometimes patients need adaptive equipment, custom orthotics, or perpetual motor training. And our Occupational Therapy team is here to help. The team also helps patients improve task function or work on managing falls.

  • Improving function in tasks
  • Evaluation of and fitting for adaptive equipment
  • Fabrication of custom orthotics
  • Perpetual motor training
  • Fall risk / prevention
  • Adaptive training

Speech Therapy

There are a range of ways our Speech Therapy team is integrated into a patient’s care plan, from helping improve swallowing and breathing functions to speech characteristics and oral expression.

  • Speech characteristics
  • Auditory comprehension
  • Oral expression
  • Reading comprehension
  • Breathing
  • Swallowing
  • Muscle control
  • Problem solving

Medical Social Services

Sometimes helping patients get access to community resources makes a difference. And our Social Work team is here to help. This team also monitors patients who are more likely to end up back in the hospital to anticipate issues and coordinate help in advance.

  • High risk patient monitoring following discharge with Health Coach for Life program
  • Supportive care based on identified needs
  • connection to community resources for patient centered care

Home Health Aides

As patients transition out of the hospital, they may need additional assistance.  Our Home Health Aides provide compassionate support, basic personal care needs to ensure a safe and comfortable environment in their daily living.

  • Bathing
  • Personal care
  • Assist with transfers

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